The name .BETH comes from the name of the first woman to graduate from medical school in the United States. Elizabeth Blackwell became a leading public health activist in the early 1850s.
.BETH is a non-profit working to educate and provide women with the means to take care of their bodies. We believe in empowerment for all no matter what age, lifestyle, or background.
We curate products and send them to your doorstep. A box shipped to you means a box shipped to someone else. Tampons, pads, and liners are currently the least donated items to homeless shelters. By buying a box, another woman will receive a box of hygiene products at a shelter.
Above are the type, color, and logo marks for this brand. I was ironically waiting to hear back from a type foundry to get permission to use an existing typeface when I created this custom type. I actually got permission to use their typeface, but decided to use my own lettering instead.
Above are the mailing boxes that you would receive which can be bought online on the organization's website. There are different preset boxes to meet different needs. Contents include products such as pads, tampons, liners, period proof underwear, menstrual cups, wipes, zines, "thank you" postcards, and stickers. Whether you've had experience getting your period or you're a girl who is just starting adolescence, there is a box to match.
For girls beginning adolescence there is a zine series that is included in first time or beginner boxes. The idea is to get girls more comfortable about talking about their bodies so they can ask questions that may not be covered. These aren't meant to avoid conversations, but rather to start them. Stories can be found in the zines, but are also archived digitally on the website.
Sticker! These are complementary items sent in mailing boxes.
Paste up posters were made for advertising. The grit and more textured grudge look alludes to the street lifestyle of the secondary audience to this brand. An Instagram was also made to promote the organization.
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